How to shop vintage online – Part 1


I’ve compiled a guide for you on how to shop vintage online, beacuse many of my friends tell me that they really want to start to wear vintage, but they feel insecure about ordering it online. Will it fit? Will I be hustled? How much is tax and fees? How do I return things? Part 1 of the guide will cover how to find the right places to shop vintage online, part 2 will cover how to make sure your garment will fit, and part 3 is all about taxes and returns. I’m thinking about doing a part 4 as well, about finding new vintage stores when travelling abroad. Let me know if you’d like me to make it!


Where do I find vintage clothing online?
There is one very important principle to vintage shopping – the less you are willing to look, the more expensive the garment will be. Take me for example, when I was younger I loved to ramble through the salvation army, buy-a-kilo sales and similar – because I enjoyed the treasure hunting. The past 3-4 years I notice that I tend to buy clothes mostly from curated vintage shops, where I know I’ll find good, but more expensive stuff. Either way, I still search for “dress” on Ebay and Etsy and flip through 5000 garments on a day off to find the right one. Prepare to have to spend some time with vintage shopping online – the reward will be plentiful.


Vintage 80’s sweater


When your friend provides you with a vintage 80’s sweater which has all the elements you love – print, glitter, and sequins!


Vintage Louis Feraud suit


When you visit your favourite vintage shop, and discover a piece by one of your favourite vintage designers by chance – for a bargain price…


Welcome to my new blog!

Welcome to my brand new blog! I’ve worked non stop since september to create a modern home for Despite Color blog, which has changed to I want to thank you for the 5 wonderful years spent on the Blogger platform, but I found wordpress to be a better fit for my new adventures.

Before I posted mostly outfit pictures, but this time I’d like to write more on vintage – history, favourite vintage designers which I’m looking for when I’m travelling or at fleamarkets. Of course I will continue with colorful outfits, but I’ll also offer tips on how to dress more in color now and then.