Top 12 outfits of 2015

I bet 2016 will be the best year to come – yet! Click read more to see all 12 looks

Haik w/ Aurlandskoen – The original Penny loafer


I’ve been meaning to get a  pair of Aurlandsko for a while now, and when I saw the co-lab between Aurlandskoen and Haik with us last summer in pink I knew I’d found the right pair. 


Merry christmas!

Spending christmas morning with Tri orísky pro Popelku, barley scented candles and a looooong breakfast. Ever since I was a child I thought the costumes in this (very B movie) were amazing – the peach brocade dress she wears to…

Vintage 70s turtleneck

A complete 70’s look on today! Click to see more pictures