A very fab skirt

On a very rare occasion I come across pieces which truly has all the stuff I’m looking for. This Claude Pierlot Sally skirt is one of them. The shape, color, fabric and wonderful mod feel makes me dream of spring…

Matte white tights – a staple in my wardrobe

I’ve got a thing with matte white tights – I think it’s side-effect of watching to much”Tri orísky pro Popelku”

Dries Van Noten SS16

Bold prints, shiny fabrics and dashes of the 50’s, 70’s, and the 80’s – accompanied by tribal elements. Dries Van Noten SS16 embodies some of my favourite elements, boldness, color and voluminous silhouettes.

The Red Dress by David Warren

I never really thought red was my color – but I fell in love with the shape and the details, and I like the fact that it makes me a bit woozy when I look at it because the color…