I’ve got a thing with vintage sewing patterns

Vintage sewing patterns are a vital part of my sewing these days. I try to spend as much time as possible learning to sew, it’s so much fun! Ever since I discovered the first vintage sewing pattern, I realised that the…

How to shop vintage online part 2 – Measuring and fitting

how to shop vintage online part 2
My guide on how to shop vintage online part 1 – where to shop  was released right before christmas, now I think it’s time for part 2! How to shop vintage online part 2 revolves around measuring and fitting a vintage garment. I think we’ve all been there, drooling over some fabulous garment on Etsy or Ebay but still chose not to order because we were insecure about the size or fit. In this guide I’ll walk you through how to measure yourself and compare to a listing. Also, I’ll be sharing some of my knowledge from years of vintage shopping online – so you won’t make the same mistakes I did!

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A little update on Fårikål

As some of you probably know, I’m working on a very exciting designproject by the name Fårikål. Super talented fashion designer Viktoria Aksnes and graphic design talent Stine Berg make up the dream team – and I’m the marketing wizz (hopefully!). Our mission is…

Stutterheim raincoat

When you live in a town where it rains 242 days out of 365 and don’t own a raincoat. I spent the past 26 years searching for the right one!