New vintage turquoise pants from secondLove

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New vintage turquoise pants

New vintage turquoise pants from secondLove! A few days back my very good friend Lisa opened up her shop again. The house next door to her shop was badly damaged by fire, and when the firemen put out the fire, thousands of litres of water poured down into her shop. Lisa and her family has worked very hard to get the shop up and running again, and she’s been to Rotterdam getting some seriously groovy stuff!

Make sure to pay her a visit in Østre skostredet.

iben-bergstrøm-a-fashion-and-sewing-blog-new vintage-turquoise-pants-from-secondLove-4 iben-bergstrøm-a-fashion-and-sewing-blog-new vintage-turquoise-pants-from-secondLove-1 iben-bergstrøm-a-fashion-and-sewing-blog-new vintage-turquoise-pants-from-secondLove-3 New vintage turquoise pants from secondLove

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Pics by Martin Tuft Torvund