My very first mens pants

My very first mens pants

For Martins birthday I promised I’d make him a pair of pants. He’s a bit off from the conventional menswear measurement chart due to working out a lot (wide chest), and being 1.75 cm tall. Typically his pants are way to long and I have to make them shorter. So why not make the man some pants ey?

Cons; I never tried to construct or sew menswear

I’ve made quite a lot of womenswear since I started sewing in 2013, but I’ve never tried to do menswear. It’s a bit intimidating to be honest! But now I’m going to give it a go, and document the process from start to finish. I measured Martin, and I’ve drafted a high waist mens pant block from these.

What’s next?

I’m going to draft a waistband, and sew the pattern in muslin for fitting. I’m really excited to try and make him the perfect pair of pants. Since he wears them out in no time, I can either make several pairs to split the wear and tear – or make a new one when his favorite pair is worn out.

Stay tuned for fitting!