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Time to draw the finish line

4_fårikål_stian_servossPic by Stian Servoss

The Farikal project has been my main occupancy the past three years. You know that feeling when you carry something with you absolutely everywhere you go? It’s almost like being in love, your mind wanders back to the big idea every chance it gets, and other things in life get’s a second priority.

We started Farikal with two hypotheses;
1.Are we able to reinvent old craft techniques?,
2. Are we able to produce clothes with craft techniques at a Norwegian factory?

Hypothesis 1 was fullfilled, we travelled all over west-Norway and gathered information about craft techniques – then we modernized them with new design. Take the amazing Varafell jacket, an ancient viking technique woven on a loom which they find remnants from in ancient settlements combined with modern design and norwegian materials. We also lazercut a traditional norwegian embroidery technique called kvitsaum.

earning nuperelle/needle tatting technique from Evelyn. Pic by Martin Torvund.

After collecting all this information and doing a lot of research the showpiece collection was created, and we had an amazing, fun launch party with an insane turnout in our hometown Bergen. It was so fun and so worth all the work, with boyfriends and wonderful friends around us, being a tremendous help making it all come together. The same weekend we had a pop-up shop at Isotop – also successfull, fun and a great learning experience.



As soon as the pop-up finished we started discussing production, a new pop-up and webshop for a few pieces. We initiated the production with wonderful Norwegian factory Lillunn, which I can strongly recommend to everyone. But a little further down the line, looking at the costs, timeline, efficiency, quantity amongst other things – the production was never gonna happen the way we wanted it to. Not where we were coming from. So hypothesis 2 was a no for us.

We’ve had such a journey – visiting lovely ladies all over western Norway, getting so much support from everyone we met, friends and families, Bergen Kommune and Hordaland fylkeskommune. Thank you so much for making this project possible!

I’ve learned a lot, and I’m currently working on something very exciting of my own – I can’t wait to share it with you!

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