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My cushions for sale – at secondLove in Bergen!


My very close friend Lisa runs an amazing secondhand shop called secondLove in Bergen. She told me ever since I produced this fabric to make pillows out of it, and so I did! Now you can pop by and check out her awesome secondhand aaaaaand my cushions!

About the fabric
As you may remember this fabric is designed by me. The pattern inspiration is quite funny though. It’s actually magnesium stains from the tights thighs of my weighlifting buddies up in Bergenshallen. I think at least 5 of them are involved in these cushions on some level. It was so fun experimenting with the orange fabric from Krivi first (it’s the exact same pattern with a higher threadcount) and then amending the same pattern in a way larger scale on the blue and orange fabric (produced at Innvik Sellgren). The orange fabric is also hand-dyed at the old color lab of KHiB.

About the cushions
Sewn together by me and delivered by feet to Lisa’s shop from my home. You can’t get a product more local than that! The four cushions pictured are the only ones that exist – hence they are very special!

Where to find them
Pop by secondLove in Østre Skostredet 2 and take a look!

Bilderesultat for secondlove bergenPic above borrowed from Utetrend.





You can also contact for orders!

xxx, Iben

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