Matte white tights – a staple in my wardrobe

Matte white tights

I’ve got a thing with matte white tights – I think it’s side-effect of watching to much”Tri orísky pro Popelku”

matte white tights

Matte white tights

Matte white tights are one of my go-to items when I don’t know what to wear. I guess my love affair with tights will never end, but some become more favoured than others. I’d been hunting for a white matte pair for a few years. Then I found these at Strømpesalongen in Bergen, the label is Vogue but I found a similar pair for you here:

What to wear with matte white tights?

I tried them on with typical 60’s outfits and moccasins – which I believed to be a very good look. Sometimes it’s astonishing what a pair of pantyhoses can do to transform your look! Some days I’m a bit fed up with color, and an all white look would be my version of black. I think I got inspired by a movie about a chinese emperor, and at his funeral I though it was the most beautiful thing that everyone wore white. Anyway, I like to wear white tights with strong colored shoes and a textured white skirt. Preferably a pastel or light pink sweater to go with so it picks up a bit of the pink and some of the white. Also, white tights are really cool with a bright dress and jacket. I don’t think you can go wrong with anything combined with white tights, but I do believe black and brown ankle shoes/boots are not suitable because they “cut” your feet. Your legs will seem longer if you wear more open shoes in lighter colors.

Pics by Martin Tuft Torvund

Matte white tights – a staple in my wardrobe

Dries Van Noten SS16

Matte white tights – a staple in my wardrobe

A very fab skirt

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  1. Blogfan

    I love white tights, too, and I fully agree with your assessment regarding pairing them (or any tights) with ankle boots: such a look really does eliminate the leg-lengthening enhancement that tights can achieve. Tights with heels look especially fetching, even “kitten heels”. I love white tights with coloured heels or the classic black Mary Jane – girly but classy!

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