Prototype development part 2: A distressing tale


Prototype development part 2: A distressing tale

Since the last post I’ve been working on this coat a lot. Before I explain how I proceeded any further, I really have to underline that sewing can be so frustrating! Unfortunately you learn (from my experience) the most from your mistakes and not by doing things right. Below is a rough draft of the coat without collar, facing and lining.


The fabric

Well, I was going to make a winter coat. As you can see from the picture this has turned into more of a loungewear item! It’s simply due to the fact that I bought this wonderful wool bouclè fabric many years ago (before I knew anything about fabric weight and structure), and in my mind it was thick enough to function as a coating fabric. How wrong can I be! In addition this fabric is very loosely woven, so it stretches – A LOT! But I really like the color, so I best make it work like Tim Gunn says.


Bounded buttonholes

Never ever start working on bounded buttonholes when you are angry or stressed! I did and the result tells the tale. There are an abundance of techniques for doing this, and I chose one which didn’t go well with the loosely woven, fraying bouclè. I chose a different technique for the hem finish on the sleeves which worked better. Let’s say I hope the buttons cover them up a bit!


Welt pockets

I think I managed to make the welts quite well, but then I ruined it by pressing the front of the coat without a pressing cloth. As you can see the fabric is a bit faded. Oh dear!


Inverted pleat

The only thing that went somewhat according to plan was the inverted back pleat! I think it turned out ok!

Until next post

Now I have a serious challenge with the under collar, because the pattern I made was to small after I applied fusible interfacing. Due to the stretch nature of the fabric the whole neckline shifted and that calls for a larger collar. After I fix this I sew on the facing and start the lining!

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Prototype development part 2: A distressing tale

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Prototype development part 2: A distressing tale

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