Fabric design and dyeing some more


In my last post I wrote about the fabric I designed whilst I attended the digital weaving course at KHiB. This week I’ll show you a different fabric I designed with the help of Jon Pettersen, and dyed orange with textil chemist Lise Finnes assistance.



Fabric design

First off I designed the fabric and choose the most suitable bindings together with my teacher. Then we sent my order to Krivi Vev – silk and wool weft on a wool warp. I ordered the fabric in white, so I could dye it the exact color I wanted later. These yarn samples are all tests to discover the perfect orange dye. It was such a fun process cooking up pigments and dyeing things! Since one of the wefts were a silk yarn and the rest wool, I was intrigued to see wether wool or silk dye would work best!


It was very exciting to see how different colors were absorbed differently – especially the turquoise and the magenta enhanced the silk parts of the fabric.


Krivi-fabric design and dyeing

I’m developing a nice skirt pattern for the fabric – can’t wait to start sewing! Thanks to Jon Pettersen, Lise Finne and Kiyoshi for helping me out!

xxx, Iben

Fabric design and dyeing some more

My first self-designed fabric woven at Innvik Sellgren

Fabric design and dyeing some more

New vintage turquoise pants from secondLove

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