Stutterheim raincoat


When you live in a town where it rains 242 days out of 365 and don’t own a raincoat. I spent the past 26 years searching for the right one!


Iben-Bergstrom-blog-colorful-and-vintage-outfits-orange-stutterheim-raincoat-vintage-jacket-vintage-dress-secondlove-maxmara-fiocco-tote-2 Iben-Bergstrom-blog-colorful-and-vintage-outfits-orange-stutterheim-raincoat-vintage-jacket-vintage-dress-secondlove-maxmara-fiocco-tote

I can’t stand the practical mountain coats with vents and the “sporty” look so I’ve patiently waited for other things to come along. So, finally I managed to get my hands on this orange raincoat by Stutterheim.

Pics by Malin Bergstrøm

Stutterheim raincoat

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Stutterheim raincoat

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