Testing pink eyeshadow!

testing pink eyeshadow

One can create quite interesting color palettes with pink eyeshadow!

testing pink eyeshadow

Testing pink eyeshadow

From time to time I like to change up my makeup rutine. My friend Regine introduced me to the reasonably priced eyeshadows at MUG a couple of years, and I ordered two pink tones and one foiled in purple. If you’d like to test some crazy colors it’s nice not to break the bank, and the eyeshadows are good quality too.

How to experiment more with makeup

Since I’m such a vintage geek I love to match eyeshadow, nails or lipstick to the most dominant color I wear. Then I prefer to wear another color which is either in the same color spectre, or quite different. Like the Illamasqua lipstick in Kontrol I’m wearing on these pictures. I guess you wouldn’t believe these two color schemes matched before you saw them applied.

I tend to clean my makeup drawer and stash away the few products I don’t use every day. Then I forget about them and rediscover my stash upon the next cleaning frenzy. It’s a good way of forcing yourself to experiment. That way you can rediscover your makeup all the time and try new things.

Try not to worry about what people might think. They are probably staring at you because you look amazing with that makeup on! Good luck!

Pics by Martin Tuft Torvund


Testing pink eyeshadow!

Vintage Lilli Ann wool coat

Testing pink eyeshadow!

Secondhand 80’s coat

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