Making a pompom skirt

Making a pompom skirt Making a pompom skirt Making a pompom skirtMaking a pompom skirt

Making a pompom skirt

Finally I pulled myself together and shot the pompom skirt I’ve been working on for the past weeks. The skirt is constructed after my own measurements. I bought the fabric in Shepherds Bush – it’s a nice drapey wool crepe. The skirt has a shaped, topstitched waistband with a dome button and it’s lined with taffeta. The pompoms are handmade, using a fork and remnant alpaca yarn from a previous project. I wouldn’t recommend using this method with alpaca (it’s so smooth) because the pompoms tend to unravel quite easily. I don’t think it was a bright idea to attach pompons in the back, but I thought it looked nice. A mixer skirt I think, standing conversation only. Haha!

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xxx Iben

How to shop vintage online part 2 – Measuring and fitting

how to shop vintage online part 2
My guide on how to shop vintage online part 1 – where to shop  was released right before christmas, now I think it’s time for part 2! How to shop vintage online part 2 revolves around measuring and fitting a vintage garment. I think we’ve all been there, drooling over some fabulous garment on Etsy or Ebay but still chose not to order because we were insecure about the size or fit. In this guide I’ll walk you through how to measure yourself and compare to a listing. Also, I’ll be sharing some of my knowledge from years of vintage shopping online – so you won’t make the same mistakes I did!

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Haik w/ Aurlandskoen – The original Penny loafer


I’ve been meaning to get a  pair of Aurlandsko for a while now, and when I saw the co-lab between Aurlandskoen and Haik with us last summer in pink I knew I’d found the right pair.