Prototype development part 3: The finished product


Prototype development part 3: The finished product

Finally my design is done! First pattern constructed all by myself, yeey! This jacket has been quite a struggle, but I think it turned out quite nice. Sewing to me always has a steep learning curve and this project is no different.

As you probably remember I’m not too happy about the weight and structure of the green fabric, I would have preferred a thicker, denser wool for more structure. But hey – I guess this one is a fancy sweater or a light spring coat. I’m such a huge fan of scallops, especially as closure on a jacket.


Hem details on the sleeves

I’m quite happy with how the hem detail looked in the end, and I think the buttons complemented it well.



I lined the coat with a cheap poly taffeta I found at Stoff & Stil, and I think it worked quite well to give the thin wool boucle some more body. The lining is open at the hem and attached with swing tacks.


Welt pockets

I think welt pockets are beautiful, and it’s worth the extra time to make them!


Raglan sleeves

Raglan has such a fun shape, and I like oversized arms a lot! They drape nicely and have a very 60’s vibe. I made them a little shorter than usual (like they did in the 60’s) to show the wrists.



I think my next sewing project is going to be a little easier, not so much details. I go mad when I spend months finishing a garment. I’m impatient that way I guess. But I’m going to use this proto for something exiting, I’ll let you know soon enough. Remember to check out Prototype development part 1, and Prototype development part 2 to see the whole process.

xxx, Iben

Pics by Martin Tuft Torvund

How to shop vintage online part 2 – Measuring and fitting

how to shop vintage online part 2
My guide on how to shop vintage online part 1 – where to shop  was released right before christmas, now I think it’s time for part 2! How to shop vintage online part 2 revolves around measuring and fitting a vintage garment. I think we’ve all been there, drooling over some fabulous garment on Etsy or Ebay but still chose not to order because we were insecure about the size or fit. In this guide I’ll walk you through how to measure yourself and compare to a listing. Also, I’ll be sharing some of my knowledge from years of vintage shopping online – so you won’t make the same mistakes I did!

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Haik w/ Aurlandskoen – The original Penny loafer


I’ve been meaning to get a  pair of Aurlandsko for a while now, and when I saw the co-lab between Aurlandskoen and Haik with us last summer in pink I knew I’d found the right pair.