I finished my Teal traina linen suit!

teal traina linen suit tealtrainalinensuit teal traina linen suit teal traina linen suit teal traina linen suit tealtrainalinensuit1 teal traina linen suit teal traina linen suit

Teal traina linen suit

This suit is crafted from a vintage Vouge pattern by american designer Teal Traina. It’s a belted tailored tunic and bell bottom pants with darts. The jacket and pants are lined, and inside I’ve made a hong kong seam to make it look pretty. It has been a superfun project, and the suit is amazing to wear.

Where did I get the pattern?
The Teal Traina pattern I ordered on Etsy in the correct bust size (38″).

Where did I get the fabric?
On the bottom on pattern envelopes you’ll see fabric suggestions. I still remember when I ordered my first pattern, and I got a very thick wool fabric at a store, when the fabric recommendation stated cotton. The result was a battle with markings, notches and my sewing machine. Follow the fabric recommendations until you are a experienced sewer. This pattern recommended linen, so I got 4 meters at Stoff & Stil – and 4,5 m viscose rayon for the lining. Zipper and buttons I got at Knappebua in Bergen.

How much time did I spend making it?
It took me two months to create this suit.

Summing it all up, I think learning how to do bound buttonholes can be rated as my top achievement in this sewing project.

Remember when I made the guide on how to mark pattern pieces and enlarging the waist in a pants pattern? The pattern pieces I used were the beginning of this suit.

Pics by Martin Tuft Torvund

How to plant things on your balcony

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Sopot & Gdansk


Last week I went to Sopot and Gdansk, two beautiful cities in Poland!


Our apartment

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We moved back to the city in September, and I haven’t missed the outskirts yet. 
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